Concierto Experiment #3

Non Phixion — Aug. 9th, 2005

My ongoing series where I design concert posters from shows that I have attended and talk about memorable moments. A design exercise where I get to experiment with no pressure or constraints.

My poster design for this show

On this particular show, Non Phixion was not the headlining act, Hieroglyphics was the headliner, but Non Phixion had such a great show, I decided to make them the main act in my poster design.

Hieroglyphics was a good show, don’t get me wrong, Non Phixion just really brought the house down from the very moment they stepped on stage, and I remember their set vividly. The Social was the perfect venue for the show because of how intimate space it was. Many bands would consider their stage to be a bit on the small side but with the right configuration, manageable. But it’s perfect for most Hip Hop groups, unless you are The Roots, of course. :)

Hiero was the headliner, but Non Phixion won the night for me

I remember Non Phixion didn’t even have all of their members present for the show, but they still managed to keep up the energy throughout their set. They went through their setlist cranking out bangers like “Black Helicopters” and “Futurama.” We even got a nice set from DJ Eclipse, giving us some excellent mixing and beat juggling.

My main memorable moment is when they performed “Rock Stars.” Once DJ Eclipse threw on that beat, my friends and I went CRAZY!!! People just lost their minds, the crowd erupted, and the band fed off of our energy. It was cool to see them interacting with the crowd and having fun.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. In 2006, Non Phixion disbanded and had moved on to focus on their solo efforts. Fortunately for me, I got to see them live, and I will always remember them almost inciting a riot with their show. Now that I think about it, I ended up throwing my water bottle in the air in the midst of all of the chaos…I hope I didn’t hurt anyone.

Idea behind the design

I wanted to design something that conveyed the type of music they made, which was aggressive, raw, and dark. I love their name, so I started thinking about books and libraries. The idea of making the poster a cover of a book came to mind. Sometimes to help me with fun projects like these, I like to attach a story to it. I’m a big fan of horror movies, so I imagined someone finds this book on a walk. Maybe they see it in the middle of a forest, an old book, an evil aura emanates from it.

The design needed to have some grit and texture, so I started with some dust and scratches on a neutral color palette. The border is a mashup of different old cigar box borders and roughing up the lines, adding grunge to it to make them look dated. Adding some ornate elements to the frame and the background of the main illustration helps draw the eye towards the center of the design. I went with a Blackletter style for the type to give it an old-world feel and ended up roughing it up a bit more for consistency.

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